Creativity is a loom on which we weave the intrinsic essence of our being. We weave our environment, materials and physical body with our passions, idiosyncrasies and emotions. By bringing together all of the threads of who we are we can begin to manifest our creative process through our hands.

Whether you have an existing creative practice you would like to progress or are interested in understanding ways in which you can begin to uncover your creativity, I invite you to explore your abilities with me through my Creative Calling program.

I have personally experienced long periods of dwindling creativity, high times of abundant making and times when I couldn't for the life of me figure out where my creativity went. Creative Calling is my way of sharing my personal journey to a place of unlimited creativity through my creative practice and process.

In my work I value:

  • Letting my intuition lead the way
  • Cyclical rather than linear thinking and making
  • Drawing and whatever that might mean
  • Exploring any creative avenue and seeing it as valid to my practice
  • The handmade over the mass produced
  • Dedication to the evolution of a body of work over an unfixed period of time
  • Play as a way to discover valuable content and new directions 

This work is for you if:

  • You want to begin a creative practice but don't know how or where to start, absolutely no experience is necessary
  • You're stuck in your current practice and need a different approach to inspire and invigorate you
  • You want to get to know your creative self intimately
  • You want to create your own authentic original Art

When you're ready get in touch to arrange a free 30 minute studio visit with me to talk about your creativity and see if you would like to work together further.

It takes time to build your personal creative process and either beginning or returning to your work can often feel daunting. To assist you on your creative journey I offer you the opportunity to tune in to your creative abilities through 10 hours of hands on studio time with me (3 x 3 hour sessions plus 1 hour follow up all to be booked within a 3 month period). We will explore creativity through playful, improvised drawing, mixed media and collage work. I will share with you my cyclical and intuitive process of making that you can use infinitely to evolve your own distinctive Art.

This work will enable you to:

  • evaluate your thoughts and experiences of creativity
  • tune in to what makes you tick
  • create spontaneous work in a range of media
  • create work that reflects your personality 
  • start thinking about bringing the creative into your everyday life
  • teach you a cyclical process of making that you can build on and make your own

Investment: £375

Get in touch via the contact form or email for more details.

Online version forthcoming.