Making in the Moment: workshops and talks

During mid-2022 I will be launching an ongoing series of workshops and talks titled ‘Making in the Moment’. This series will be evolving as my work and process unfolds and I will be offering short workshops to accompany current projects as well as occasional talks to offer an insight into my process.

Bookable dates will be announced in mid-2022.

Work with me - one to one creative practice guidance, bespoke workshops or tuition tailored to your requirements are available online or in my studio.

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About my process What I bring to my creative practice is a celebration of personal uniqueness, weaving together my individual nature with the marks and materials that resonate with me. In the studio I’m always moving towards things that light me up, enjoying the slowness of waiting for the magic to happen through playful exploration, embracing happy accidents and letting things be as they want to be. My personal experience and my senses guide me deeper into the practice and process of making my art where the possibilities are endless…

The Studio In my large studio there is room to make mess, daub paint or hammer bits of metal you might not otherwise be able to elsewhere. The first floor space is close to the centre of Norwich and has lots of local parking. The studio incorporates three large tables and ample workbench space as well as many tools and materials to bring your creations to life.

My practice weaves together the following elements and I am able to offer workshops in one aspect or a fusion of several elements of my practice…

Block printing This incorporates Lino, rubber stamps and foam sheets which are used on fabric or paper. In my practice I use simple drawing practices to establish a design that can be turned into a print. The process is playful, improvised and spontaneous. My blocks are used to print the fabric I use to make items with as well as in sketchbooks, on jewellery and mixed media artwork.

Metalwork Sterling silver, copper and brass are the metals I use to create a range of made to order as well as one off wearable art pieces. In my studio I’m able to offer basic silversmithing tuition as well as a more experimental approach to making jewellery. Texture is a focus in my work and I have a passion for adding it to metal. I can offer workshops or tuition which involve etching, using a rolling mill, stamping, oxidising as well as painting and printing on metals.

Textiles & hand stitching Natural fibres feature predominantly in my textile work: linen, wool and cotton are my mainstays. I block print onto linen and use the linen to make items as well as in mixed media art pieces. I also enjoy the hand stitching process and use it as a morning meditation as well as using stitches as a way to form small items. Kneaded paper (momi gami) is an occasional feature in my work as I enjoy the repetition and possibilities with combining work on paper with stitch and fabric.

Mixed media art Can incorporate all of the above and also include painting/drawing/mark making on paper, fabric or in sketchbooks.

Creative practice guidance Creative identity is as unique as any fingerprint. Through working with me on a one to one basis we explore your creative echoes - how your being and your story resonates through you into your process. No matter what stage of the creative journey you’re on we can asses who you’re being in your making and ask: What do you truly value? Which materials are you drawn to and curious about? What are you sensing in yourself that can guide you to making your best work yet? Through gentle enquiry, conversation and creative exercises we can navigate towards the elements which make your art truly yours.

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